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I'm in naruto?!?!

I'm in naruto?!?!

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Allycandygirl By Allycandygirl Updated 13 hours ago

In this story Mary is a HUGE naruto fan but she has powers in the regular world and is hated for it. Let's see what happens when she finds a spell book and she's transported to her favorite anime. Read and find out.

StarlighMix StarlighMix 4 days ago
I have kind of a power to look into the future when I'm asleep or when I'm away
Hikari_senpai Hikari_senpai Apr 24, 2016
I can too!!! But I'm a beginner. I'm trying to get to advanced magic like summoning that you can see and feel. The summoning I do is summoning the anime characters but we can't see hear or feel them unless I let you! I'm not a witch though.... I don't know what I am
ZoeKraft ZoeKraft Sep 16, 2016
                              HOW ABOUT MARY SUE!
                              I'm going to go sit in the corner now.
xXFrostFireOtakuXX xXFrostFireOtakuXX Sep 10, 2016
So, exactly where can I find this spell book? HETALIA, HERE I COME
shiroshi_kamikaze shiroshi_kamikaze Jul 01, 2016
No offense but this chapter is sort of naive. I best suggest you to edit it and read it out loud Author-sama. Please don't feel offended or hate me. I just want to tell you so you can improve this chapter. Gomenasai if I offended you. Bye~
                              I luv this story btw.
XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Aug 16, 2016
Um. That's not exactly sarcastic. Maybe change it to 'Aren't you helpful?'