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Nothing is Forbidden, Right?

Nothing is Forbidden, Right?

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shivani Gopeechand By Queen-of-sarcasm-18 Completed

"You two should go dance. You look lovely." She mocked sternness and then walked away. 
Lex breathed, and he knew it was laboured. Felt it only barely controlling his primal instincts. Isis' body pressing against his was torture, something he never felt, he swallowed hard, the scent of her perfume making him dazed, and enticing him. Without anticipating it her body was yanked away from his and only then did he realise that she had pulled away. She was now standing a little further away from him.
"I don't think she realised who you were." Isis replied. Her eyes downcast and somehow he felt as if she was apologising.
He brushed away all thoughts of sanity as he used his thumb and index finger to pull her gaze to him. Something about her shyness intrigued him and his urge to possess her came rushing through his veins like a flood. 
"And if she didn't recognise me how is that your fault?" He questioned as her eyes softened. Lex saw her lips part but no sound escaped. He sighed. "Well do you want to dance?" He offered her his arm.
Isis stared at Mr Greyson's offered arm and swallowed over the lump on her throat. "Wouldn't it be improper?" She questioned and she saw him tilt his head to study her.
"Do you always follow the code of propriety?" He answered with a question which was sufficient evidence that it was in fact improper.
"I try to." She replied. "What would people say? It would give you a reputation and may endanger your status as a teacher here." She elaborated yet Mr Greyson appeared bored by her ranting.
"No one knows who we are tonight, we are free from society's restraints. Tonight I am not your professor and you are not my student. No one cares about that tonight, no one is willing to care. They are all caught up with their own lives." He turned her attention to the rest of the population and Isis saw he was right. No one was concerned about anything but what was happening with themselves. She looked back at hi

MillionWonderGalaxy MillionWonderGalaxy May 25, 2016
Danielle Campbell as Isis Davenport
                              Sean O'Pry as Lex Greyson
jc123678 jc123678 Sep 25, 2016
Can I just imagine her name is not the name of a world terrorist group like wtf
RitimaS7 RitimaS7 Mar 24, 2016
THANK THE LORD she is not a shy cutesy student falling for the dominant whatever professor
ObliviatedStiles ObliviatedStiles Nov 29, 2016
Iris would be .. much better ... but your book your wish... gtg 😬
AbbyZhu AbbyZhu Jan 21, 2016
Anyone else drawing parallels with Pride and Prejudice? She despises him like Lizzy despises Darcy, he doesn't like her yet is attracted to her.
- - Jan 18, 2016
Lol why her name the name of of an Islamic cult that has been killing thousands of ppl ????