Together (Daryl Dixon Fanfiction)

Together (Daryl Dixon Fanfiction)

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Carly Jenson was the person who got into trouble, suspended, been bullied, and had a really hard life that she rarely talked about. She always kept it hidden. 

When the Zombie Apocalypse began, she was a run away in the city of Atlanta.  She was found by a group that had brought her in... She instantly fell head over heels for the redneck of the name Daryl Dixon! 

Daryl had also gotten feelings for Carly, but wouldn't show them. Eventually through the time of the ended world, Carly and Daryl are brought to face challenges with one another, and the dead having to act together and think alike to survive. 

They were brought together with their pasts, and became best friends... It was killing each other inside to think that they were nothing more. That is until one day that brought everything together.. That brought them to see each other better as one rather than two. 

Will they finally admit their feelings?
Or will they just fall apart and remain friends?

oh few its not going to be awkward THANK YOU ChiaraGaristo !
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