Think Again, Werewolf (The Moonshade Saga)

Think Again, Werewolf (The Moonshade Saga)

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Ginger Tethys By Wildwhispers Completed

Ava Sparr- A werecat arrested for sneaking into werewolf territory.

Cooper Smithlock- The Alpha's son.

So what happens when they're mates?

kjameson_32 kjameson_32 Apr 30
Werecake? Is it a person who was punished so they now have the ability to turn into a cake?
kjameson_32 kjameson_32 Apr 30
Is she still naked while being tide up to the pole? Any creep could stroll on by...
Seriously one of the best prophecies I have ever seen in a wattpad book, not saying it's a good fated one but a really well written one *claps*
Soooo let me get this strait.... A cake.... Just delivered a threat to you. Dude you just got threatened by a cake... Lucky
Woh there fam... getting a little to into the prophecies there
SpiritWolf546 SpiritWolf546 Dec 04, 2016
Lmaoi had to draw that tiger for art and now i see it literally everywhere