Fox Tails and Nursing Majors (Sterek AU)

Fox Tails and Nursing Majors (Sterek AU)

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I Believe in Derek Hale By adult_disneyprincess Completed

Derek Hale is just a nursing major in college when one night on his way home from his job, he accidentally hits someone with his car. What happens when this "someone" turns out to be a fox hybrid? 

*Also in my Sterek one shot book, but it's only nine chapters in there*

The picture used for the cover was done by A_Seraphims_Wings.

That'd be my reaction if someone I knew needed help to hide a body
Potatoes.... I would cry if that ever happened again cause I love potatoes sooooo much dude
Dude I love learning about the Irish famine it's really interesting
givememyphone givememyphone May 08, 2016
I was expecting more SPN references but this is great I need a friend like that
RhialityReader RhialityReader May 30, 2016
It says 'socked feet' and if that isn't the cutest thing I don't know anymore
lovewombats lovewombats Aug 12, 2016
I read all your oneshots before this and I'm so happy you made this one separate cause it is my favorite one!! So thank you so so much!!