Capturing Your Heart

Capturing Your Heart

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Jordan Lynde By XxSkater2Girl16xX Updated Apr 12, 2015

Matthew is rude.  He's mean. He's arrogant. He's gorgeous. And Hayden wants him… to be her model. 

Hayden Quinn wants to be a professional photographer. But in order to do that, she needs to find a male model to make her portfolio complete. Heading to the recently co-ed Benton School of Fine Arts for her senior year, she hopes to find a model who will help her rise to fame.

What she doesn't expect to find though, is Matthew Benton, the son of the headmaster. A quiet, but rude boy who keeps his gorgeous face hidden by a mop of dark hair and thick-framed glasses. After accidentally getting roomed with him, she's determined to see Matthew through her camera lens. 

Slowly wheedling herself into his life, she unknowingly begins falling for him. But when other people and companies start taking notice of his good looks, what will become of their relationship? Will she be able to get Matthew to be the model she's dreamed of? Or will she lose him to someone else?

Stay tuned!

Pinks8741 Pinks8741 May 16
Hm, I just noticed something. I've read a lot of the author's other books, and she talks about the characters writing their own autobiography a lot ;o Does that mean something? o.O
Finally someone in Florida! It's way too hot here. Especially during the summer
I can't carry on reading... There's something about a video? It won't let me onto the next chapter
regpeg regpeg Aug 08
I feel like my friends need to hear this due to the fact that at my birthday party, the first one to arrive was 45 minutes late and the last one got there 2 and a half hours late.... And only a few actually told me they'd be late.
sara9muka sara9muka May 17
Cool😊 ...have a look at my new story too...i hope u like it and coment😃
But if the plane did crash you bet your aśs the airplane company will be trying to kill so you don't sue ; )  #ShaneConspiracies