Omega: Rejection [SLOWLY updating]

Omega: Rejection [SLOWLY updating]

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Devin Lavellan Pavus By GoldenHallelujah Updated Aug 01, 2016

[Book 1 of Omega series]

I don't know why I was born an omega of my pack, let alone the only one. However, it's not that bad since the Alpha is the only one who doesn't treat me so horrible like his son, and the other members. Some say I'm born with a cure and am only an abomination of the pack.

My own dad hates me. I heard him wishing to the Goddess that an abomination like me deserves to be treated the way I am, dead, or never born. All while my step mom does nothing but laugh with my step brothers. If only I knew where my real mom is, I wouldn't hesitate to go to her.

Now I'm spending the last day, my birthday, at the Alpha's house. In his basement, because I found out that I'm his son's mate. He rejected me at school. After that, his friends brought me down here so I can get a thorough rejection.

I'll be no more of their problems,  but it'll be sad that I'll be leaving behind my only friend behind. I'm sure his son will be happy to have a decent Luna.

lovechild5 lovechild5 Jan 31, 2016
Hey!! I like this story and want to read more. So, when ever you get the time, pleas update when you can!!!
SoulPhenomenon SoulPhenomenon Feb 01, 2016
I love this so much cx and I love the ninja references hahahaha xD
xxbookloverxx2 xxbookloverxx2 Feb 04, 2016
Plzzzzzz update I can't wait anymore it so good want to know what happen next
nerdyfanficchild nerdyfanficchild Jun 15, 2016
I thought he was Kai from Exo cause of the pose but then he had blue eyes... Still bootafull dough.
shanel134 shanel134 Feb 06, 2016
I wish I could just take away all his pain and if I was a guy n he was my mate I will love no matter what b coz gays are not a sin they are a creation
GoldenHallelujah GoldenHallelujah Jan 16, 2016
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