Painted Roses - (The Frog Prince)

Painted Roses - (The Frog Prince)

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Rosalia is used to enchantment. 

With a brother who freed a beast and a friend who slept for over a hundred years, coming across enchantment doesn't phase her much. 

At least, it doesn't phase her when she's not directly dealing with it. 
But when she meets a talking frog and he ends up coming home with her, that changes things. 

Of course, after having been on the run for her life, meeting a talking frog wasn't as much of a surprise as one would expect on that particular day.  

But what does The Frog want? Does he really just want to spend time with her?

And a better question, HOW can this frog talk?

Besides that, there's him. Mr. Ernest Cliffwood. Charming and attentive and new, his sights apparently set on Rosalia but she's seen that playboy attitude from other rakes of the Ton and knows to be wary even if everyone else sees a marriage on the horizon as The Season gets into full swing. 

And there's one more person - more mysterious then Mr. Cliffwood. He appears and disappears in and out of the waltzing crowds as easily as if by some enchantment. What are his intentions?

Who is he? 

Who is Mr. Cliffwood. 

And how does a frog talk?!

(Please Note: These books link but it is NOT ESSENTIAL that you read them in order - they stand alone as well as link together)

The Rose Quartet 
Reading Order:

Beauty and The Beast:
Sleeping Beauty:
The Frog Prince: 
Little Red Riding Hood:


Cover art by: Bea Jackson
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Saskia, Fairyland, no, depressed because I will never again properly enjoy a fairy tale retelling by someone else  because yours are better
just stopping by to comment since i have a net and i can now express my gratitude to the author! i've already read this. this is actually my third and still i find it spiffing!
This reminded me of Peter Gabriel's song, "Kiss That Frog". Give it a listen, see if it's in the right spirit for this :)
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