The Heir of the Dark Lord - A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Fanfic

The Heir of the Dark Lord - A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Fanfic

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jazzlemine By jazzlemine Updated Jul 14, 2015

A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover Fanfic 

The war with Gaea is over, and the only plans Percy have are to spend time with Annabeth. But when a crazy old man comes knocking on his door, his whole life is turned upside down. With another evil grandfather out to get him, he has to go to Hogwarts, a place where Magic is more than just a thing for children of Hecate. 

A Percy is the grandson of Voldemort story.

Set in the Order of the Phoenix and after the Blood of Olympus

  • crossover
  • demigod
  • grandson
  • harry
  • harrypotter
  • heir
  • hogwarts
  • jackson
  • percy
  • percyjackson
  • potter
  • voldemort
DamDemiWitch DamDemiWitch Mar 23, 2017
Weasley wizard weases. The twins said they were saving up to but zonkos
Slytherins_Heir Slytherins_Heir Apr 29, 2017
Roses are red 
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              What the Hera
                              That escalated quickly
IwyPituLina IwyPituLina Dec 24, 2017
Cool I know a guy named Jonathan. One time a lady asked for two dollars from him so she could take the bus but he had only a ten dollar note
GreekGeekMads GreekGeekMads Apr 15, 2016
Percy: ugh Again. Another evil Grandfather to kill
                              Voldemort: uhhhhh. No
                              Percy: and why can't people introduce me as Percy I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE NOT THAT HARD
starrygrassi-hoying starrygrassi-hoying Aug 05, 2016
I must correct you. It's Persasseus Jasasson, with the mother Sassy Jacksasson. Percy goes by either Persasseus or Percy, either of the two are fine.
KeithekKogane KeithekKogane Jul 01, 2016
U call me percy or percesassy undsrstood *trys doing sassy hair flip but zeus sends a gush of wind at him making him fail*
                              Me: *laughing her head of* dont u just love family
                              Percy: shut up 😡