Heat ~Gratsu~

Heat ~Gratsu~

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(= ̄ ρ ̄=) ..zzZZ By SilentVenomKitty Updated Mar 08, 2016

The dragon slayers are going into heat, and must find mates. But there's a certain pinkette that everyone's after...


OverProtective!BigBrother!Gajeel Innocent!LittleBrother!Natsu

OverProtective!BigBrother!Sting Innocent!LittleBrother!Natsu

Pairings-  (Seme/Uke order)
Gray x Natsu
Gajeel x Levy
Sting x Rogue

Loke x Natsu
Other x Natsu
Cobra x Natsu (He'll show up later)
Laxus x Natsu
Slight Rogue x Natsu
Sting x Rogue
Eventual Laxus x Freed

Yuri Stuff (I'm doing this for you people)-
Erza x Lucy (maybe...I'll think about it)
Slight Chelia x Wendy (One-sided)

Het Stuff-
Slight!Gruvia}Lasts until Chap 3?maybe (I personally hate Juvia(REALLY??!(sarcasm)), sorry...(And Lucy...and NaLu and Gruvia...sorry))
Gajeel x Levy
JErza(If I don't do ErLu)

Any pairings you want to see? (Not Nalu, LoLu, Stingsu(sting and natsu),  or Gajeel and Natsu, thanks)

ParadoxShark ParadoxShark Nov 02, 2016
Yes, finally someone else who hates Lucy and the ship NaLu! :D
Cruxifyed Cruxifyed Oct 08, 2016
Technically your like 23. I'm imagining this happening after the 7 year time gap
fallen_child_stella fallen_child_stella Jul 02, 2016
This was extremely well explained. And another word for problems could be downsides or negative outcomes.
englandanime englandanime Dec 14, 2015
Just because I have the mind set of a 10 year old does not mean I can't read a good book!! *pouts in the corner*
alixithymia alixithymia Nov 19, 2015
nah it's good cos we actually know what's happening not just stuff left randomly unanswered.