Heat ~Gratsu~

Heat ~Gratsu~

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(= ̄ ρ ̄=) ..zzZZ By SilentVenomKitty Updated Mar 08, 2016

The dragon slayers are going into heat, and must find mates. But there's a certain pinkette that everyone's after...


OverProtective!BigBrother!Gajeel Innocent!LittleBrother!Natsu

OverProtective!BigBrother!Sting Innocent!LittleBrother!Natsu

Pairings-  (Seme/Uke order)
Gray x Natsu
Gajeel x Levy
Sting x Rogue

Loke x Natsu
Other x Natsu
Cobra x Natsu (He'll show up later)
Laxus x Natsu
Slight Rogue x Natsu
Sting x Rogue
Eventual Laxus x Freed

Yuri Stuff (I'm doing this for you people)-
Erza x Lucy (maybe...I'll think about it)
Slight Chelia x Wendy (One-sided)

Het Stuff-
Slight!Gruvia}Lasts until Chap 3?maybe (I personally hate Juvia(REALLY??!(sarcasm)), sorry...(And Lucy...and NaLu and Gruvia...sorry))
Gajeel x Levy
JErza(If I don't do ErLu)

Any pairings you want to see? (Not Nalu, LoLu, Stingsu(sting and natsu),  or Gajeel and Natsu, thanks)

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HAH! he is as straight as this pole *brings in perfectly straight pole and kicks it till its bent*
like my sister used to say NO UTERUS, NO PERIODS. NO PERIODS, NO OPINION.
ParadoxShark ParadoxShark Nov 02, 2016
Yes, finally someone else who hates Lucy and the ship NaLu! :D
Cruxifyed Cruxifyed Oct 08, 2016
Technically your like 23. I'm imagining this happening after the 7 year time gap
tay_the_gay tay_the_gay Jul 02, 2016
This was extremely well explained. And another word for problems could be downsides or negative outcomes.
englandanime englandanime Dec 14, 2015
Just because I have the mind set of a 10 year old does not mean I can't read a good book!! *pouts in the corner*