Under your Influence (Infinite Fanfic)

Under your Influence (Infinite Fanfic)

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Lee Mi - Nah (AkiKeiko123) By LeeMi-Nah Updated Jan 25, 2015

Mi-Nah is an innocent girl. She is a girl who has a big heart and the incapacity of saying 'no'. 
However, behind her pretty white smile is a girl who is breaking at the seams. 

People often take advantage of Mi-Nah's kindness; making her do things she doesn't want to and forcing her to do deeds that she should not be responsible for. Although, because of her kind nature, Mi-Nah doesn't blame them. Instead she blames herself for being unable and incapable. 

Her poor worried brother, writes his worries to Hello Counselor; managing to get them both on the show. Mi-Nah was tricked into going of course and never did she think that her story would move one of the most famous Kpop bands in South Korea; Infinite. 

Under the influence of Kim Myungsoo himself, Infinite's manager hires Mi-Nah to care for the boys needs; believing that having a girl around the house may clean up their bad habits. 

Follow Mi-Nah's path to find self confidence, real friendship and love as she moves in with the seven rambunctious men known as: Infinite.

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Maeradi Maeradi Jun 04, 2016
I can't wait until the guys see that she can dance ^_^ have fun writing
Maeradi Maeradi Jun 04, 2016
This sounds interesting :)  I'm reading a bunch of your stories right now lol.