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Mask of The Highwaywoman {Short} Lesbian Story

Mask of The Highwaywoman {Short} Lesbian Story

30.7K Reads 1K Votes 7 Part Story
Niamh Murphy By AuthorNiamh Completed

Evelyn Thackeray, the spirited daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, is en route to meet her future husband, when a gang of vicious outlaws attacks her stagecoach.

In spite of Evelyn's terror, she is intrigued by the leader of the gang, a beautiful Highwaywoman called Bess.

Then, later that night there is someone at the window...

katecudahy katecudahy Feb 16, 2013
great start - really thrilling. Looking forward to reading more:)
AuthorNiamh AuthorNiamh Dec 13, 2012
@EmeraldOwl_Bluespeon Thanks! It's actually an Illustration by Shanina Conway and is the only cover on wattpad I didn't do myself - and I think it is all the better for it! I hope you like the story too :D
AuthorNiamh AuthorNiamh Nov 22, 2012
@scintillator Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it :) Can't wait to see what you think of chapter two! I shall be uploading tomorrow :D
scintillator scintillator Nov 19, 2012
Niamh...Is this your draft copy or a published/condensed version?
scintillator scintillator Nov 19, 2012
This is amazing:)  Already started with a vivid encounter wth the highwaywoman:)  A little tense there when Evelyn defied the order to sit down but then decided to comply.
                              Nicely done:)  Love to read more to find out what will unfold.  Thank U & Happily VOTED!
scintillator scintillator Nov 19, 2012
Wow...U R posting this?  How about the pronted edition that's coming out in Dec 2012?  It sounds interesting from the synopsis.  I'm sure it will be a great read.  Thank  for sharing:)  Thank U & voted!