Paying A Visit (BL Short Story)

Paying A Visit (BL Short Story)

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THERE IS A SEQUEL TO KILLER PROTECTOR DAMMIT By EternalLaughter Updated Mar 20, 2016

Max is preparing his home for his step-brother, Zak, who has been away attending the San Fransisco State University in California. Zak only has a week to stay at Max's place in Colorado until he has to go back to California. It'll just be them together, after so long of being apart. No other friends or family whatsoever. A lot can happen within a week, like snow days, intense gaming, terrible cooking and a romantic relationship with your handsome, charismatic, loving step-brother.

[Warning]: Rated MATURE for containing sexual content and some vulgar language. Reader discretion is advised.

(Art does not belong to me, only my edit. All rights of the actual art itself go to the original creator. Thank you.)

{Omg what sweet hell have I created?}

ShareenaMohdGhazali ShareenaMohdGhazali Apr 10, 2016
Mako is me. Nutella is favourite thing in the world and the only reason I buy bread
YoshiPrincess YoshiPrincess Oct 16, 2016
Me every fücking day.... I have fought my dad because he wouldn't let me sleep in 😂😂😂😂
iisdolphin iisdolphin Mar 06, 2016
My brother, who's reading this over my shoulder, read that line and said; "Fvck yeah! Somebody gets it!"
way-senpai way-senpai Oct 21, 2016
From what I recall your the one who's gonna get f---ed in the a--
iisdolphin iisdolphin Mar 06, 2016
The arrow pointing to the pot of gold. 
                              Good Satan what did I just write.
x_toxic_cactus_x x_toxic_cactus_x Jun 30, 2016
*blank face but screaming internally* Hey, thats pretty good