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Entangled | On Hold-ish

Entangled | On Hold-ish

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⭐S A R A⭐ By Girl_full_of_Sarcasm Updated Jul 20, 2016

Aeron and Theodore have been the best of friends since they were little. It has always been them against the world. Call it cliché, but Aeron has always had feelings for Theodore, even though Theodore has never shown any signs of having such feelings . . . or has he?

The two boys have been best friends . . . but way too close for best friends. They've been kissing each other since their teenage, behaving couple-y, sitting on each other's laps and what the hell not? Wonder what's the problem then? Theodore has a girlfriend.

But when both their families disclose a secret tradition, a family culture being carried on since generations; let's just say that the boys aren't too fond of the disclosure or its consequences.

When a new, adorable love interest comes into town, and someone who is obsessed does too, followed by someone's demon, the boys are sure to find themselves Entangled.


The beautiful, also sexy fucking (😂) cover by @SuperSonicPaGer. 😍

I'm working on the chapters, it's just gonna take me a while.

Jesatan Jesatan Mar 28
                              LITTLE BOYS ARENT SHY
                              LITTLE BOYS ARE TOUGH
                              THEY DO STUFF
                              THAT LITTLE GIRLS JUST DONT TRY
                              LITTLE BOYS DONT DANCE
                              LITTLE BOYS WEAR PANTS
                              LITTLE BOYS ARE BOLD
                              THEYVE BEEN TOLD
                              TO NOT HOLD LITTLE BOYS HANDS
                              You did a freaking fantastic job at describing the going ons in a child's mind! Freaking awesome! This would have been stuff running through my own mind at that time! Poor baby! :(
praise0210 praise0210 Jan 28
                              After a long time, I'm reading a book having the description of a childhood memory of hide and seek which all of us have had. Can relate to this incident. Nice work
RRR_29 RRR_29 Mar 01
                              As if I was reading a YA book published nationwide, the prologue was really entertaining. One word. Great. Aeron and Theodore were so cute. The way they communicated with each other. It felt, I was brought back to my childhood years as well.
praise0210 praise0210 Jan 28
                              It is so difficult sometimes to find out whether what you're feeling for the other person is really love or attraction. Nice start
thatgaywithpen thatgaywithpen Aug 25, 2016
Oh god! I should definitely befriend this two!! Like rn! 😍😍😍😎