Masked Hero

Masked Hero

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Tala Doe - yes that is her name, much to her despise - has a small problem. The town's hero. He's annoying, cocky, and shows up right when she doesn't want him to. She isn't the only one who notices that he's always coming to her rescue though...

(Just so you all know, this story is ended a lot differently then originally planned, so be prepared for LOADS of spelling mistakes.. Plot mistakes... And a bit of confusion... I will edit this, I promise)

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HighSt0rm HighSt0rm Jul 18, 2017
I love roller coasters plus heights so that would be so fun.
Not very nice or grateful for him Saving her twice! Granted he caused the second one but really what’s with the attitude’🤨
TaXoor TaXoor Feb 18
Yaaasss but my name in Arabic means the small palm tree
                              I read this book because the character has the same first like moiii
Ummm I can't even hear her yet I'm cringing. What's she saying please for?
Tbh, I'm picturing him as a semi old man with a huge belly. Idk why
SinisterKath SinisterKath Dec 21, 2016
i cant imagine myself being at her place i mean i cant even handle a ferris wheel