The Cursed Boy

The Cursed Boy

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Samantha Vargas By MyNameIsSamantha Completed

A lonely young boy who was avoided and had nobody to depend on met a young enigmatic boy who altered his life and brought colour to it. It was beyond perfect, but fate could be cruel sometimes. 

If the latter's arrival could be described, it would be the same as a fire on a candle. Strong at first but eventually, will black out. 

(A/N: I don't own the 'invisibility cloak' nor the 'time-turner', those two object belongs to J.K. Rowling. Plus, this was inspired by a USUK doujinshi entitled The Hero and The Wizard. Go check it out, folks!)

zeldafan100 zeldafan100 Aug 21, 2016
So I see no one has commented on this yet and frankly, I think it deserves one!!! You did an awesome job with this, drew me right in to the story and I can wait to read more!!!