Bic McPenlamperson

Bic McPenlamperson

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'You can't go out tonight, Mrs. Grey.'

I gape at Christian. What does he mean? Does he mean I can't go out? Tonight? He's so obtuse. He's never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do before. Not without a nonsensical, controlling reason anyway, my subconscious sneers. My inner Goddess takes her into a chokehold.

'We've talked about this, mister Grey. I've hired an ugly babysitter. You have a background file on her lying around here somewhere. All of our stalkers are either locked up or at art school. There's no reason for me to not go out tonight.'

'Good point well made,' Christian says. I marvel at his wit. Plus, I know that whenever he says that he's about to steamroll over what I want and I love that. This is going to be good.

'Jack Hyde and Leila and... whoever else inexplicably disliked the two of us and tried to ineffectually kill us are now harmless. However, a new danger has emerged. My old nemesis...'

Christian is silent for a moment as he looks around the room. Hi...

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