Never Gonna Quit It [h.s.]

Never Gonna Quit It [h.s.]

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*WARNING: This book contains mature content; read at your own discretion* 
[Inspired by the song and video for Chocolate by The 1975]

His jaw was clenched as he stood opposite to her, "Scarlett, you have to stop this, you're killing yourself!"

She took a drag from her cigarette and shrugged, "I'm okay with that."

He was angry now and pushed her against the wall, hands splayed on either side of her head, "Why!?"

His eyes bore into hers and she began to cry, "Because you only love me like this..."

When he didn't answer, she continued, "Your love is the only drug that I crave and I just want you to want me."

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Malakerx Malakerx Oct 30, 2017
Hey again 
                              I sound like a stalker but I promised to read all ur completed Harry Styles fanfiction before so yeah
valeria_h1 valeria_h1 Apr 07, 2016
And I'm back again i bet you missed okay. Well anyways I thought you books were so good I might just read all of them
shutup5sosison shutup5sosison Jun 07, 2016
I swear in every fanfic Harry ding dong is massive, I would pay to read a fanfic were Harry Díck was small.
seasonings seasonings Oct 02, 2015
i can't stop rereading this, i deserves so much more attention and is one of the most well written, addicting fanfictions i have ever read. i read it on car trips and when i'm bored; i can't stop, its just so well written! you need way more credit for this?
seasonings seasonings Jul 01, 2015
Nonono smut is great, your writing is descriptive and that's hard to find
seasonings seasonings Jun 27, 2015
Yes yes, of course, Chocolate is about weed, but all the fanfics to do with Matty are really innocent but JESUS THE SMUT HIT HARD