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kirah By Sepherene Completed

[A psychological thriller] 

When you can't even pay for a bottle of water, you might want a friend like Casper. This may be hard considering he's the God-given prophet of Seabrook high; the type of kid who offers existential philosophies on a Monday and spews poetry the next. 

Friends are a select few for Casper, and Holden doesn't have the right kind of luck for a golden ticket. But he isn't worried. After all, to win the heart of a prophet, all you need is intelligence. 

And intelligence is all he's got.

WARNING: This book contains evidence of homosexuality and use of foul language. Read at your own risk.

Cover credit:
Photo by Martin Stranka.
Design by toska_.
Trailer Credit:
Clips from Xavier Dolan films.
Made by me.

This is the best preview I've seen thus far or like in the top 2 of what I've seen. Props to the creator.
Daneeion Daneeion Aug 16
He sounds like me irl o.o (I lean more towards inspiring speeches).
sapphicfic sapphicfic Aug 03
my speeches arent particularly poetic (incoherent rambles, more like) but i relate to casper already
ShayTree ShayTree Aug 02
okay so I've been scrolling past this for like a year and HOT DAMN do I regret waiting so long
lmao same
                              my crush could have exhaled the same time as me and i would be like wOAH OTP MATERIAL RIGHT THERE!! US!
That doesn't really sound like a comfortable seat to be plunging your ãss on, hon.