Retribution - Purple Ribbon Series Journey #1

Retribution - Purple Ribbon Series Journey #1

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Louisa Simmons has had one hell of a decade. Literally. Beaten and battered after the birth of her son, Louisa finds herself trapped inside an abusive relationship for the next eight years. When she finally frees herself after one horrific night being her breaking point, Louisa slowly rebuilds her life and meets an unlikely new man. 
With her new relationship flourishing, her ex soon appears on the scene to remind Louisa that she cannot forget her past and move forwards. 
With her new found courage and her new man by her side, Louisa must battle her past demons and bury them once and for all but at what cost?

* NOTE - This is a first draft.*

#Highest Ranking #5 in Chicklit 11.03.16

Well, I wouldn't exactly call this chapter enjoyable to read.... It is well written and suspenseful and horrible all at the same time. So I'll keep reading because I'm hooked, and because I what to see her get out!
- - Mar 24
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AngieSSearcy AngieSSearcy Oct 19, 2015
If I'm still reading and voting you are still doing a good job. Lol just relax. You are doing fine.
julietlyons julietlyons Jan 24, 2015
Brilliant! It's pretty different. The scene is a lot clearer. Good job!