Pyre (Frerard, Rikey, Ryden, Petekey)

Pyre (Frerard, Rikey, Ryden, Petekey)

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tonight and always By SeraphStarshine Completed

Gerard has been running away for as long as he can remember: away from the hunters, away from his past, and away from himself most of all. 
Besides his brother and Ray, he has been alone for time untold.
But his constant dreams refuse to be left in the dust, and it is reaching the point where Gerard is convinced he is going insane, all because of this dark haired man whose name he doesn't even know.

Vampire AU

*trigger warning for blood, gory scenes, and character deaths*


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Xghost-girlX Xghost-girlX Jul 12, 2017
Well ive been putting off reading this for  ages and now that im finally getting around i can already tell i probably should have read it sooner because its gonna be great
lostinspacedust lostinspacedust Apr 28, 2017
Nah fam
                              Not believing that
                              Nopety nope nope
                              I will slap you if he is
scrabble20 scrabble20 May 27, 2017
This is the first paragraph and I can tell that this is going to be something!
wolfandbear wolfandbear Oct 13, 2017
                              reading your stories always inspires me and i'm ending up with a freaking great story of my own
wolfandbear wolfandbear Oct 13, 2017
it's just the beginning but i already know that this is gonna be amazing, just like your other stories dude
lostinspacedust lostinspacedust Apr 28, 2017
Sparkly, hot, vampire, teenage dream Gerard
                              I could get used to this