Unseen Darkness

Unseen Darkness

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Dee Atkins By _grimm Updated Apr 16, 2017

Book #1

Talia has been taught her whole life to never seek out the Unseen, that they would twist and warp her until she became a mere shadow. But she has a rare gift - she can see the Unseen. However, upon seeing the tall, mysterious, purple haired boy she hasn't been able to un-see him. And one day she seeks him out, unknowing that she just stepped into a world of danger not even she could imagine.


absolutely stunning cover by @seventhstar

  • blood
  • danger
  • dark
  • execution
  • faerie
  • faery
  • fantasy
  • fight
  • forbidden
  • love
  • magic
  • mates
  • pixies
  • prophecy
  • ritual
  • sight
  • soulmates
  • swords
  • trolls
  • unseen
WanderingBibliophile WanderingBibliophile Dec 28, 2016
I'll definitely keep a look out for the new version! Can't wait, and good luck ! 👍
iceecream456 iceecream456 Dec 28, 2016
LOL okay if this is the "horrible" version then I can't wait for the new version! XDDD But seriously Phoenix and Talia chemistry was off the charts! XD And and I still hope a hot male shadow/dark fae that's not evil! :'D XD (Lol sorry fangirling)
thefailedone0001 thefailedone0001 Dec 28, 2016
*walks to the wall and repeatedly bangs head against the wall* whyyy
elise1016 elise1016 Dec 28, 2016
But this book is really good😰how are you gonna make it better if it's already really good??? I look forward to getting notifications on updates for this book
readeverydayofmylife readeverydayofmylife Dec 28, 2016
Oh no😰😱. I really like this story a lot. Please don't stop
bluemirisl bluemirisl Dec 28, 2016
😢😢😣😭😭😭🙈😦...but I really liked this book....