The Unseen

The Unseen

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Dee Atkins By _grimm Updated Oct 30

Book #1

Talia has been taught her whole life to never seek out the Unseen, that they would twist and warp her until she became a mere shadow. But she has a rare gift - she can see the Unseen. However, upon seeing the tall, mysterious, purple haired boy she hasn't been able to un-see him. And one day she seeks him out, unknowing that she just stepped into a world of danger not even she could imagine.


absolutely stunning cover by @seventhstar

Pheonix seems pretty sassy, I have a feeling he'll somehow let her live. I love how the kings all have their banter :)
kayeroze kayeroze Jul 20
Wow, I thought this was an interesting start to your story. I think you could really make this a more menacing moment if you created an even darker atmosphere than the one you have now.
Very interesting start! I thought the idea that there are 7 kingdoms to be a bit of a cliched number, but I already feel as tho u are going to make the overall fantasy trope your own. I like the names: Olderon, Phoenix. It really establishes the setting. :)
day_dre4mer day_dre4mer Aug 24
Ok so this is the second time I am reading this book because I LOVE IT SO MUCH and I know its only just started and stuff but honestly it is probably one of the best I have read. I cannot WAIT for the update! The whole thing gives me chills.
                              PS I'm not crazy, this book it just awesome 😁
I always love third person books and this is definitely something I'd read! I love the fantasy that's out into it, and can't wait to read more about it! The quest sounds so fierce, and the language you use is incredible! Love the fact that this prologue is refined and edited perfectly! <3
i dont typically read these kind of book but i love the uniqueness of it with the purple haired boy and the way you make dialogue come to life. I applaud your sentence structure as well, it remind me of my writing in lots of ways. Also cool cover (do you make them?)