Shower Time Tino  *Hetalia one shot*

Shower Time Tino *Hetalia one shot*

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A Change Of Pace *on Instagram* By Kimchi_Space Updated Nov 13, 2017

Idea:What happens when Tino interupts Sverige's shower? Be prepared to find out. Rated M at the most. Smut; Yaoi *Boyxboy*; Sufin; Sweden; Finland; Lemon; aph; Hetalia; Drama Cds; *fangirl's eratic screams*
Okay, this was originally for Sufin only but now I'm thinking of adding more. So haha just be prepared. 
The rest of you please enjoy. :)

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Aryditymi Aryditymi Oct 15, 2017
This reminds me of that scene from monsters versus aliens like 
                              “Look out here comes Susan” 
                              But then 
                              “Look out here comes Su-San”
Hetalia_Enthusiast Hetalia_Enthusiast Nov 22, 2017
kill me now but am i the only person who saw Susanoo's nickname there....
roses8489 roses8489 Dec 22, 2017
O don't even know what tinos eye color is anymore are they brown? Are they purple? Are they light blue? Who knows
lilmissfictionwolf lilmissfictionwolf Aug 24, 2017
Su-san what does it spell altogether 
                              "Susan don't tease me" 
                              Hmm well
kari-bonnefoy kari-bonnefoy Jul 29, 2017
Oh yeah because a Finnish man definitely uses -san to refer to his husband.
DawnOfDragonfire DawnOfDragonfire Jul 08, 2017
I literally can't act normally in IKEA anymore. I go in and as soon as I see the labels on the furniture or the word Sweden, I will start fangirling. Which is pretty much me laughing hysterically and repeating OMFG over and over again. Hetalia has ruined my chances of ever buying furniture again.