The Alpha's Mute Human

The Alpha's Mute Human

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Audrey stewart By Whitewolves140 Completed

(Slowly editing, taking a lot of time. It's a little confusing in some parts and has a lot of mistakes.  You've been warned.) Book one of the Alpha's series. 

"Your mine you will stay with me forever, you will not move in less I tell you can." He growled out at me. I just rolled my eyes and walked away, out of the school.
Isabella was never a normal 16-year-old girl. She has an abusive father and a mother that doesn't care, she's also gone most of the time and sometimes helps with the abuse.  Isabella always feels lonely and doesn't have anyone to care about her. she's even mute.
Xavier is a normal 18 year old werewolf. He's the alpha of one of the strongest packs in America, bloody moon pack. He has been searching for his mate since he turned 16. When he finds her and she doesn't talk to him he thinks she hates him. to add gasoline to the fire she's human. He promises himself that he will break through her shell, but that's easier said than done.


This book has abuse and rape in all three books to it, so if you can handle reading about abuse and rape please continue reading, but if you can't then please don't read a head! 

Thank you! 


  • abuse
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • mute
  • pairing
  • possessive