Ready or Not

Ready or Not

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Nita's a rich girl from the good side of town. Jay's a hustler from the hood.  What do these two have common? They both have sick rapping skills. 

    Jay's known around town for taking people down with his verses. So what happens when Jay crosses Nita?  

    Jay might as well step aside, there's some new competition.  

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    QueenBvppin QueenBvppin Feb 09
    He wouldve gotten a punch to the throat and i wouldve took his money since he thought he could play me like a PS4 and get away with it🙄
    BeerMe_ BeerMe_ Jun 13, 2016
    When you listen to that song a lot you will begin to know his lyrics
    Urbanis_Lit Urbanis_Lit Oct 24, 2016
    D*mn b!tch. The book just started & we already got drama. I ain't mad atchu
    kellyKellzzz kellyKellzzz Oct 19, 2016
    They got eye color like a damn rainbow. Go around school & you will see everyone with brown eyes nowadays
    BIP0LVR_ BIP0LVR_ Feb 19, 2016
    😂😂 bruh. Smh Marvin going to end up getting a crazy chick that he can't handle one day.
    -xxxtsuki -xxxtsuki Jan 10, 2016
    If I was Nita, he was getting the fûck punched outta him and I was taking half the money since I did half the work. Little nigga thought this was a game and shît