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❝i guess i loved you since the start.❞

she never loved anyone as much as she had loved him.

❥ [ previously titled Meet Again ]
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-Jordundun- -Jordundun- Mar 24
Wait your redoing it? Is there a chance that they might actual end up together at the end? Or is my heart gonna fly on an airplane and then die again 😂
Nooooo why are you rewriting it with a whole new (kinda) story? I mean I love meet again and I've read it so much, and now it is kinda gone.... Anyways hopefullly this one is as amazing as meet again and good luck!♡
Wandstruck Wandstruck Sep 16
Change this coming soon. Because this book is there with a top notch notes of moments.
I love the way this has been written.
                              I'm in love with this book already, just because she likes photography. 
                               How come this doesn't have more reads?!
skidzipop skidzipop Jan 22
Hey! I love how great the story is starting out. Hope to read more!