I'm Pregnant, it's yours..

I'm Pregnant, it's yours..

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Lace Phoenix By Drew1290 Completed

Regan Hargrove finds out she's pregnant, at 25 years of age, she's not sure how that will go, considering the fact that the father of her child is famous actor Philip Rylancourt, someone she only met once. Will their unorthodox relationship bloom into a happy one? Or will it all end up in flames?

The last thing Philip Rylancourt needed was a baby, especially by someone he's not even sure he remembers, but when the cold hard truth is staring him in the face, he can't hide from it anymore. As he and Regan navigate through their unorthodox relationship, the demons of Philip's past come back to haunt them all. Will they be able to overcome? Or will his ghosts overcome them? At this point, it's anybody's guess. 

(Through out the next few weeks, I plan to HEAVILY edit this story because rereading it, it needs some work. Enjoy it though, and tell me what you think. :D)

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Nivritis Nivritis Mar 25
Regan and Rachel. Rachel and Regan. Whoo wee! Sounds like the kind of cheesy RomCom I would watch.
sweetzzz sweetzzz Jul 08, 2017
Ummm it take my doctor more like 30 minutes I could be over exaggerating but whatever
BookLover897 BookLover897 Jul 24, 2017
Okay they say this in every book but if its unplanned and you look like you're gonna have a heart attack about it, its the doctors job to say you can terminate, put it up for adoption or keep it. They're not trying to offend. so chill.
xxiedbxx xxiedbxx Jul 31, 2017
Omg HAAHAHA 🤣🤡 I need that kind of bestfriend savage buy true to u 🖤
latitia68 latitia68 Dec 28, 2016
I'm exactly like her that's practically something I would say
QueenGalaxy777 QueenGalaxy777 Jan 19, 2017
I don't believe in abortion....I DON'T CARE IF I'M 14 I WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO A CHILD I MADE!!! Because I worked hard to get pregnant in the first place