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Larry Stylinson By larryyyystylinson Completed

Harry is mesmerized by the remarkable new senior student Louis. Louis' bad boy reputation and good looks quickly earn him respect at school. But somehow, Harry finds a way to break him out of his shell and show him the real Louis Tomlinson. But is their undefined relationship really true, or was it pushed through unpure motives?

crybabylarrie crybabylarrie Mar 31, 2016
I don't like being classfied into a category. I don't fall in love with the gender, I fall in love with the person. I support gay rights and I hate homophobic people, they are not  scared, they are just assholes.
xxharrys_baexx xxharrys_baexx Mar 30, 2016
For some odd reason this reminds me of when I was like in 3rd grade and would steal money from my mom.
WhereTheAngelsSing WhereTheAngelsSing Mar 13, 2016
I say that about myself and people start giving me an attitude about it and start telling me what I "am"
xxFUKuNDurLIFExx xxFUKuNDurLIFExx Dec 20, 2015
Vomit the FUCKKK out xD! Please harry... Who ever is dating Louis, rip there FUCKlNG hair out lol! XD! ;D!
xxFUKuNDurLIFExx xxFUKuNDurLIFExx Dec 20, 2015
Cutest moment ever!!! (>_<) xD!!! Larry is like the cherry to the icecream! My GOD! So cute ;D!!!
klovebug21 klovebug21 Nov 24, 2015
Tbh I was like 4 no its 5 I even counted them in my fingers until I looked and was like ... oh yea