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CelineMahadeo By CelineMahadeo Updated Jun 02

"S-stay away from me." I warned.

"So you're not such a dumbass after all." he chuckled in such a menacing manner, ensnared with a disturbing amount of charm.

"I-I'm warning you!" I edged backwards, taking my shoe off, and held it outward as if it was such a lethal weapon at the moment.

He suddenly burst into a fit of laughed showing his canine white teeth that seemed to highlight how sculpted his jawline actually was. The laugh was raspy and sickly beautiful, dashed with a pinch of devilish. Rubbing his chin, his laughter died a bit and he stared at me. I knew I should have been dead afraid right now but for some reason I felt crushed. I didn't like the fact that he toyed with my feelings like that.

"Oh, my poor baby." he smirked wickedly, "Did I hurt you?"

He asked with such a tease, it was almost ruthless.

* * * * * * 

With the sudden possibility of her brother being alive, Katherine Donovan aims at finding him no matter what.

However, this game of hide and seek turns into a rush of sin, uncertainty, and a fatal forbidden attraction.

Two worlds apart, Kathy get ensnared in the hands of the beautiful brutal bastard Vitaly Alecovich Rostov- who just happens to be in the bloody Mafia.

And let's not forget about that debt to be repaid.

Bruh....this smells like a set-up, looks like a set-up, its 10000% a set-up
zappysinger zappysinger 5 days ago
I like the book for a chance. It's not totally cliche and not too different
P00py_D00py P00py_D00py Nov 27
Girl you don't find it strange that this strange man suddenly appears  when your bag is stolen??? 🤔😦
ashimapotter ashimapotter 7 days ago
Damn. Never have I ever respected the protagonist faster. 👏👏👏
Dip the cookies in Nutella.... then you can celebrate with a glass of Bailey's