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CelineMahadeo By CelineMahadeo Updated 5 days ago

The past haunts the present while the future awaits torment.

Finding evidents of her dead brothers' whereabouts, Katherine Donovan believes that he is still alive. 

In the pursuit to find her brother and restore her family's remaining happiness, she encounters the infamous, Vitaly Alecovich Rostov and gets ensnared in his plan of capturing her brother.

In order to attain his goal, he offers her a deal. 

A deal that awaits damnation.

NaiadFury NaiadFury Aug 28
Your writing has obviously improved from Fatal Alliance and I must say so far I am really enjoying this one.
Where is my prescription? doctor doctor please listen. My BRAIN is scattered you can be Alice I'll be the mad hatter
NaiadFury NaiadFury Aug 25
I don't want to jinks it so I am keeping my fingers cross for this female lead.
NaiadFury NaiadFury Aug 25
She did say she masters in all kinds of crazy so ahem points taken.
NaiadFury NaiadFury Aug 25
But of course...I am sure he'll just take the phone out of the bag and that's that...
NaiadFury NaiadFury Aug 25
Wow there is quite a bit of female characters in this book...😁