How To Not Fuck Up a Cliche Story

How To Not Fuck Up a Cliche Story

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Gretchen By CookieChomper Updated Dec 04

Did you ever have the urge to write a cliche story?

Did you attempt it?

Did you realize that you were gonna fuck it up?

Well, I have news for you. I'm bringing tips from all my resources, not that many, to tell you how you screwed up horribly. 

This also tells you why you shouldn't say, "I'm so average looking," when your character is clearly not. Try saying instead, "I don't find myself that attractive. My lip juts out too much, my hips are slightly too wide, my left tooth is slightly crooked, and I notice these things every time I look in a mirror,"

Or why are they call a bad boy when he didn't do anything bad?

More will come inside. 

(This also has some humorous aspects)

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Osiris was also a bit of a heartthrob according to the historical record
Rick Riordan is actually called the “Storyteller of the Gods”.
SaraS2904 SaraS2904 May 22
They're not, c'mon!!!  Whenever I read "Greek Gods" I'm like what on Earth, man?! The first thought that comes in my mind is a man with santa beard, long mustaches, white hair, wearing a long, white SKIRT.
TBH all of them are ugly I don't find any Greek God attractive.
The_Third_Emperor The_Third_Emperor 2 days ago
Me too! My precal teacher's so old she forgets that I've been handing in work and gave me a fookin 61 on precalculus.
Kahibalo Kahibalo Oct 22
Also, this line usually comes out of the mouth of a straight girl, who apparently forgot that there are female Greek gods as well.