Remember Me?

Remember Me?

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Katherine Malloy was left at the altar. Her ex-fiance married her best friend.

Their last encounter ended with Katherine slamming the door in his face. Now, they meet again and sparks fly. Nicolas claims it was an accident they met again after five years, but Katherine thinks otherwise. 

Katherine can't help but wonder if this is Nicolas's doing, and she can't help but fall in love with him all over again.

Remember Me: A story of letting go of the past, moving forward from who you were, stepping back from the bad you embraced, and finding a happy medium in the bittersweet taste of the present. 

#34 in Short Story (3.19.16)

Editing Update: I am sorry, but this is a story I wrote a long time ago and I have little incentive to fix it but for my sense of shame. I have another story on my mind, so you'll have to forgive mistakes here. 

Note: The picture used in the cover is not mine and belongs to its respective owner. Any republication, unauthorized distribution, or plagiarizing of this story will result in some bad happening . . . to you. You have been forewarned. I do not take lightly to people stealing MY stories/characters/plots/anything else that is explicitly mine under copyright law.

Completed: November 2015

meckymeck meckymeck Mar 02, 2016
So let me get this straight. He left her at the altar for her bestie??? Ah hell no.
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Jun 24, 2016
Katherine girl your really stupid fir saying yes to that cheating bastard ex husband of yours girl.kath you need to a backbone and some stimuli in your grit and an attitude along with some stuff to fend off  nicolas the dwebb.