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an enigma By fIorals Completed

"In that moment I think we were gray."

A short story about a girl's memories

No part of this book should be reproduced, or used without my permission. this came from MY imagination, so it is my book.   


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GreenConfetti GreenConfetti May 21, 2017
I'm friends with a lot of pale skinned boys and I'm mixed. it's normal
Ledile28 Ledile28 Sep 15, 2016
Sounds absolutely riveting, wish I had the time just now to read all of it now now. Nice
_BlackxKnight_ _BlackxKnight_ Nov 02, 2016
Ikr. Everyone acts like it's such a big thing. Like it's so unnatural.
ComplexSis ComplexSis Mar 05, 2017
If okay l hate that stereotype I love me vanilla shooys.....Um so
X_Duchess_X X_Duchess_X Feb 19, 2017
XD me, not worried about 7 year olds kissing but the cherry jolly ranchers!!!!!!!
vithevelociraptor vithevelociraptor Jan 31, 2017
The thing that bothers me about this is how black guys are always dating white girls and no one ever looks at them weird but if the roles are reversed with a black girl and white guy then it's not cute and okay anymore. It really hurts me.