How To Save A Life | TW, TO, and TVD CROSSOVER |

How To Save A Life | TW, TO, and TVD CROSSOVER |

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Forest Gump™ By rxxicole Completed


The McCall pack has been through hell and back but they weren't prepared for this... 

A group of supernaturals have come to Beacon Hills, seeking help and refuge from the great Scott McCall. Both groups are experiencing the same issues, but will they be able to put their differences aside and solve the problem? 

Or will it take for one of their own to get taken, for them to realize how important this is? 

~note: this book will be loosely based on Season 6 with a few differences here and there~

Hide_Away04 Hide_Away04 Aug 18
Alright I'm crying now and if u finished The Vampire Diaries you'll understand why
skywolf2000 skywolf2000 Mar 13
LivTheLoner LivTheLoner Dec 12, 2016
Greenburg what the f*ck did you do to get on everyone's sh*t list
LivTheLoner LivTheLoner Dec 12, 2016
This is what you say when you want everyone around you to know you're INSANE
For some reason I thought to the many times when my teacher answered someone's question and said, "I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you and our family." 👏🤣🙏
josieghs josieghs Sep 30, 2016
No sh!t you staked Klaus. The Mikaelson's aren't going to be happy (I think)