Dramione: tears and rain (completed)

Dramione: tears and rain (completed)

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He was shattered, he needed help, until she came. She helped him because he needed help. She was the one to comfort him.
But you see, they're love is unexpected in many ways. What will people say?
A pure blood and a muggle born? It was a dream turned into a nightmare.

Secrets will be revealed, love will be shattered in pieces but are they're willing to accept it?

Completed *warning; this is really bad written please don't read this terrible book. My apology but I wrote this book about 1 year ago*

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I’m so sorry but I started laughing so hard 😂😂😂 I dunno why but it’s sorta sexual harassment
Apparently ( correct me if I’m wrong ) patronuses work against death eaters because you know... they’re good and the death eater are bad?
Hermione_Leviosa Hermione_Leviosa Jul 18, 2017
The patronus went through Neville and knocked him down in the movie
SwooshnFlick2020 SwooshnFlick2020 Mar 29, 2017
Love is kinda a strong word don't you think? but if that's how you feel honey, who 's to stop you?
Hermione_Leviosa Hermione_Leviosa Jul 18, 2017
Actually a patronus can knock someone down look at Neville who fell down in fifth year when Ron casted his patronus
ThereseTheBeautiful ThereseTheBeautiful Mar 10, 2017
sorry, I don't want to be mean but you should change it to a hex or something like stupefy.