Dramione: tears and rain (completed)

Dramione: tears and rain (completed)

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He was shattered, he needed help, until she came. She helped him because he needed help. She was the one to comfort him.
But you see, they're love is unexpected in many ways. What will people say?
A pure blood and a muggle born? It was a dream turned into a nightmare.

Secrets will be revealed, love will be shattered in pieces but are they're willing to accept it?

Completed *warning; this is really bad written please don't read this terrible book. My apology but I wrote this book about 1 year ago*

naomihuey naomihuey May 03, 2016
Wait.. She shpuld have used crucio or sth.. Not the patronus spell
at least it's comfirmed, that Malfoy is a dementor now. lmao
50_words_for_murder 50_words_for_murder Jun 14, 2016
A patronus doesn't hurt. And JK Rowling said that Snape was the only death eater able to produce a corporate patronus. This renders Pansy unable to make a patronus, let alone a corporate one. Just some fun facts.
rhea_vjk rhea_vjk Dec 12, 2015
how did that hurt him?? its for dementors.. its a ward for them.. now unless draco is one it can't hurt him can it?
ThatGryffindorChick ThatGryffindorChick Apr 14, 2015
Hermione, let's get real girl, you want a big slice of that cheese cake ;)
ArtemisFowl31199 ArtemisFowl31199 Mar 12, 2015
that's a patronus charm for the dementors...does it really hurt people as well?