Fate ~ Levi X Reader

Fate ~ Levi X Reader

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This is you.

You decided to forget about relationships. All the pain and suffering you have gone through with each guy.

Every date and relationship ends up negative. So you being 27 and still no boyfriend, you decide to call it quits.

And that means starting a family of your own. How is that possible,conceiving a child on your own?

A sperm bank. But what you didn't realize that someone important had donated their seed.

The famous billionaire Levi Ackerman, playboy and CEO of Ackerman enterprise.

When he finds out something shocking, he suddenly has the urge to find the mother of his unborn child; the heir of his company.

How will you react when this hot stud of a man suddenly wants to be in your life, especially when all the relationships have been trash and a waste of time.

Will you let this mystery man and the father of your baby be in your life or will you reject him and avoid him at all cost.

All because of a baby and fate.

Copyright 2015 @Hugs_for_hippies

WHY does everyone imideatly think:
                              50 shades
                              That scarred me for life...
Levi, I swear if you mess with any other girl I'm coming for that ass boi.
I wouldn't mind a billionaire playboy CEO Levi, if you know what I mean! ;)
Oh no....... Play boys...... Wow....... Well that's not surprising for hearing that and you made me remember of princess hours.
taeannosaurus taeannosaurus Jul 12, 2015
Just like that Ackerman in 365 days.. Yeah I think I learned quite a lesson.
lilpupz lilpupz Jul 12, 2015
I really love the recent fanfics I read because these authors have an amazing brain. And this fanfic is one of the best ideas I have ever come across. just... WOW