Shallow Memories (PJO/Avengers)

Shallow Memories (PJO/Avengers)

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Halie Morris By inlovewithLife101 Updated Jun 18, 2015

It starts with a car wreck, at least that's what they tell him. However due to a head injury he doesn't remember a thing, not even his own name. 

From there it's on to a group home because no one is willing to take in a seventeen year old (that's how old they said he is). Then Tony Stark invites one student from each school in Manhattan and Goode sends him. His step-dad was a teacher there before the wreck took his life (or so they said) and the school pities him. This is where he meets Steve Rodgers and the man takes him under his wing, telling him he knows what it's like to not understand where he is or even who's meant to be in this world.

Oh there was one other thing they told him and  it should mean something to him ..... His name is Percy Jackson.

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Even though i already knew this and dropped my phone on my commuter
This description was written beautifully. All the PJ fanfics I've read so far have said "Black hair, sea green eyes, and very fit." This was so much more descriptive and I love it!
Pearlbright Pearlbright May 17, 2016
OH, NO!!!!! PERCY FORGOT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS ISN'T POSIBLE!!!!!
ChocoholicMoony ChocoholicMoony Jun 30, 2016
This is so different than most PJO/Avenger stories. Most just have Percy defeating the avengers single handedly or he's somehow related to some of them. So thank you for doing something different
ChocoholicMoony ChocoholicMoony Jun 30, 2016
Thank you for describing Percy so well. Most people are just all "black hair and sea green eyes"
Lifelight21 Lifelight21 Aug 11, 2016
Of course he's not affected by scotch. HE'S RELATED TO THE GOD OF WINE!!!!! Woo, glad I got that out of my system.