Electric Heartbeat | A StampllisticSquid Fanfic | (Stampy x Squid) ON HOLD

Electric Heartbeat | A StampllisticSquid Fanfic | (Stampy x Squid) ON HOLD

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lol By MidnightBlossom3010 Updated Mar 03, 2017

Previously known as 'Forbidden Love'

[NOTICE: This story is purely fictional. It is not and will not be an accurate depiction of  Joe and David's lives, ESPECIALLY their relationships. I completely respect Beth and Nicole and I wish them the best.]

I will not tolerate any sort of homophobia on this book. It's alright if your opinion differs from mine, but don't rub it in my face. I'll respect your opinion, and I hope you find it inside yourself to respect mine. 


Cover by me

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JaydonParka JaydonParka Nov 15, 2016
Squid and Stampy... that's a... um... unique combination.
                              I LOVE IT!
EndieTheKiller666 EndieTheKiller666 Feb 20, 2017
Aaaaa this is already a great and feels book kk
                              I LO VE I T A A AA a
dragonfujoshi dragonfujoshi Aug 02, 2016
You managed to make me cry on the first chapter without anyone ending up dead.
                              This will be a fantastic book.
tay_the_gay tay_the_gay Jan 09, 2016
I am literally in tears after reading that... This is one of the few books that can do that to me... Well *sniff* done...
TheMostGayGayAround TheMostGayGayAround Nov 18, 2015
Please make them atleast meet again... I want Stampy and Squid to be in a relationship but I want Squashy back
sheezusx2 sheezusx2 Aug 31, 2015
Aww, this is so sweet and very well written.
                              May I suggest adding quotation marks (" ") around the sentence when the person is speaking? Honestly, I'm not trying to be rude, but it's just a friendly little suggestion. :3