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Life of a Street Fighter

Life of a Street Fighter

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blaznguns By blaznguns Completed

Street fighting isn't fun. It's a cruel fight with dirty tricks involved. Some do it for money, some do it for fame. I do it for my little sister Ellie. My parents got murdered about 6 years ago and I've been street fighting ever since. My life isn't the hardest of street fighters but only because the crowd admires the red haired teen who fights for survival. But then again we all do in more ways than one. I roam the streets of New York City looking for a fight that means more money so I can feed my little sister. I'm used to the hardship of of life, but that's the way of a street fighter. I made a living and survived on the streets until one day I met another street fighter. Then my whole life changed. For better or for worse I'm not sure. My name is Scarlett Brooks and this is the life of a street fighter.

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                              Step 1.) Close your eyes.
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                              Step 3.) Count to ten.
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GoddessKalypso GoddessKalypso May 28, 2016
Making that much each night, I'm sure she could easily afford an apartment.
touba2087 touba2087 Aug 23, 2016
Why does Ellie still play with dolls? I mean Scarlett and Ellies parents died when they were 11 and 7... and this is 6 years later... so Scarlett's 17 and Ellie's 13, why does she still play with dolls?
Mocha15years Mocha15years Jun 20, 2016
That's what u get in NYC. One 300 square ft apt cost $2000 a month in my building.
1amXthoughts 1amXthoughts Jan 30, 2016
Welp she shouldn't be living in an abandoned house she gets enough to feed them both