A Southern war love story - Jasper/Bella [On Hold]

A Southern war love story - Jasper/Bella [On Hold]

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Erica Louise By EricaLouise21 Updated May 24, 2015


My name is Bella Swan, I'm a vampire and have been for around 100 years. I were sired by Major Jasper Whitlock - who also happens to be my mate. I were changed in to a vampire to help Maria; a greedy warlord, to gain territory for feeding grounds. As soon as I woke I recognized Jasper as my mate. It freaked me out at first, but we've been together ever since.

I don't know what year I were born in, as I've lost time doing the same thing day in day out. All I've done for this life were stand by my mate's side training and culling the newborns.

Jasper, he's everything to me and so much more. He were my personal sex god. Quite a few of the newborns have tried it on with him, but they were killed not even seconds later, after a few of them died no one tried it after. It were same with Jasper with me, if any lad came near me they were dead, no questions asked.

Jasper sired Peter about 50 years ago, he's like a brother to both me and Jasper, he would do anything for us, and he wo...

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