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Abducted and Sold

Abducted and Sold

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Molliecule By Molliecule Updated Feb 01, 2013

"You shouldn't have done that." He growled at me and I felt the cold metallic blade of what could only be a knife threateningly pressed against my throat. New terror took over my body and I desperately struggled under his weight to escape. By now the rumbling engine of the van had stopped and I could hear more sets of footsteps coming towards us. I let out a pitiful sob as my small hope of escape became obselite.

On a cold autum night, Bree Hunter was abducted by a ruthless group of men who work for an organisation that abducts and sells young women at auction. She is thrown into a world of violence, abuse and false hope as she is sold from one man to another without a second thought for her own wellbeing. This is the story of Bree's desperate struggle to survive at the hands of monsters and keep her dignity and her soul. ----------- Cover created by Scorpianio

Is it just me or was the no picture at the start like she said there was?
Peace_of_Cake Peace_of_Cake Aug 27, 2016
You know! The only kidnapper here that's actually speaking sense
Molliecule Molliecule Feb 20, 2015
@wecuttolive its a brand of bracelet thats really popular in the UK