The Ringing of Bells (A Magical Romance)

The Ringing of Bells (A Magical Romance)

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Savannah K. Vining By foreverhopeful Updated May 09, 2017

Aganstan is a city of magical sorcery. Its king is the highest and strongest when it comes to power. His soldiers and guards are almost as strong, but not quite, and his people are of the lesser for they have little to no power at all.

The city itself used to be flourishing with warm magic and good people, but when the this king took rule, everything changed. Aganstan became a dark, morbid place, its people living lives of hardship while those who carry high powers lived prosperous lives.

Kara defies the kingdom that rules her, but most importantly she despises the one who is control of it all. He who makes the laws, forces his people into poverty and misfortune, and he who overlooks his own evil flaws. Kara despises the king of Aganstan.

Every year for the last six years, the king has tried to find a queen that meets his standards. He signals this time of the year by ringing the largest of bells a final time at dusk, leaving his people in dread and fear.

It is on the night of his seventh year of searching when the largest bell rings again, signaling the one time of the year that young women are gathered. Kara is of age now, and she finds herself conflicted and at loss of hope as she is pulled from the arms of her mother. She and the other young women are pushed, like cattle, into the great halls of Aganstan, to where Kara meets a world of not only magic, but fear, ambition, courage, and most importantly; love.

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mamiemouche mamiemouche Jul 02, 2015
OMG!! i'm in love with your prologue.
                              So beautiful, just amazing.
angelina557 angelina557 Feb 21, 2015
Do I meet his standards? Nope, probably not. I volunteer to melt his ice cold heart.
saranightdreams saranightdreams Jan 27, 2015
I have big hopes for this book.I think the theme would fit if it Was Parisian or Arabian more. .keep up the good work. love u 
dreamindays dreamindays Jan 26, 2015
I love 'limiting laws instead of limited ones.' That's very clever, bravo.
- - Jan 26, 2015
Hah! I just noticed that you have a picture of a generic European city on the cover.  Wow! That is not what i pictured.  I'll be sure to adjust my imagination accordingly :)
sazidakhanom sazidakhanom Jan 23, 2015
WOW this story is differed from your other story's that you have writing I love so far : )