It's Funny How Love Starts (Watty Awards 2011 Finalist)

30 Part Story 1.5M Reads 13.8K Votes
rebekers By rebekers Updated 2 years ago

Oh gee, I wonder if it might be her mate who's coming, but well, that just never happens in books on watt pad... Hmmm
I must really like this book since I am reading this instead of screaming at Lebron James because of his 5 fauls.
i usually dont like wearwolf books but this one doesnt sound to bad
i love it already!! i can tell ur a very good author. can't wait to read the next chap!!
Hahahahaha great start! xD
                                    ......werewolves?????....I'll see hiw it goes with that!  xx
One of the best things I have ever read you or someone else should turn this into a movie