Yaoi Oneshot Book

Yaoi Oneshot Book

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Castiel Holtzmann By OverlordCastiel000 Updated Jul 31, 2016

Hey guys this is going to be a yaoi oneshot book for a lot of different anime pairings.

Requests Are Open ;)

The animes you can select from are below:
Blue Exorcist
Attack on titan
Tokyo Ghoul
Junjou Romanica
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Brothers Conflict
Vampire Knight
Dance In The Vampire Bund
Death Note
Diabolik Lovers
Soul Eater
Amagi Brilliant Park
Hellsing Ultimate
Love Stage
Prison School
No Game No Life
Highschool Of The Dead
Pandora Hearts
Assassination Classroom

ANIME_LOVER_Gwenny ANIME_LOVER_Gwenny Dec 17, 2016
                              Kanato is my Yandere!mine!
                              Who's your favorite?!
ANIME_LOVER_Gwenny ANIME_LOVER_Gwenny Dec 17, 2016
Please don't make a malexmale in this after all,they don't match,but I'm glad you have watch this,do you know the mukamis? And the other two brothers I forgot their last name?
lunawolf8074 lunawolf8074 Sep 12, 2016
i know an anime show you might like...descendants of darkness or kiripapa...both are awesome.
Luvbug3121 Luvbug3121 Sep 02, 2016
Can you do a Tamaki X Kyoya? I ship it sooo hard!!! And Hikaru X Karou?
Phantom_Dark224 Phantom_Dark224 Aug 24, 2016
*blushed* etto...castiel-san? Can you make akabane karam x reader yaoi lemon?? Bu..but..i want it to be the sadistic but sweet and loving. 0///0 if-if you c-can...im sorry!
First anime I saw.. That's a lie, Tokyo mew mew was the first anime I saw (besides Pokemon is Pokemon an anime?) when I was 4!