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"You Are Mine Little Bird, and I Am Your Alpha"

"You Are Mine Little Bird, and I Am Your Alpha"

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M. By madz978mcc Updated May 22, 2015

As I made my way toward the auditorium, wearing my blue skinny jeans, black and white Nike's, and T-shirt saying "Shit Ain't Personal; Just Business", I noticed the future alpha of the pack staring me down. Ashton Fox. Like, a full on, heated glare. For NO ABSOLUTE REASON! AT ALL! What have I done to him to make him stare? 
I just shoot him a "What?"look and keep walking.
He growls, but I just shake it off.  
As my best friend Jackson bounds over and drapes his arm protectively around me, pulling me against him, also aware of Ashton's glares, I hear a second growl coming from Ashton's direction. 
What is wrong with Ash these days? I used to be best fiends with him when we were younger, as well as Jackson's. I miss the protective, possessive, fun-loving alpha boy from grade school. One time, in 4th grade, I fell on the pavement during a game of tag, scraping me knee, and Ashton ran over to me, scooped me up, like I weighed nothing, and carried me----no ran me to the nurse....all the while whispering soothing things in my ear while I cried my eyes out. 
He was in 6th grade then, but still! *Sighs*
I guess he grew up. Oh well...I shouldn't dwell. 
My sixteenth birthday is tomorrow, and that's when I'll officially be able to sense my mate.
I'm....a little excited....not gonna lie, but Cara. She's currently running around in hyper crazy circles, screaming, "WE ARE GOING TO FIND MATE! ISN'T IT AWESOME!? MATE! MATE! MATE!" "Mate," she whimpers. My name's Madeline, and.., I'm one of the future warriors of this pack lol.

BBBClub BBBClub Oct 24, 2016
And knew should be know so your keeping your tenses the same. Once again no criticism at all. You are a great writer!!!!
BBBClub BBBClub Oct 24, 2016
Maybe "....scraping my knee. Ashton....." breaking up the sentence so it's not a run on sentence.
BBBClub BBBClub Oct 24, 2016
Accidentally put a space between deal and the question mark 😋
BBBClub BBBClub Oct 24, 2016
You don't have to repeat him all you have to say is "What have I done to make him stare?" But do what you thinks best 😁
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Miss_Mad_hatter2 Miss_Mad_hatter2 Oct 07, 2016
That music was on point. It made me feel like I was watching a movie or tv show.