haikyuu x reader

haikyuu x reader

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miemuuu By miemuuu Updated Aug 09

A fanfiction of you and your favorite Haikyuu character. 

I do not own Haikyuu

Hope you enjoy!!

update; very, HIGHLY inactive

Prism_Dokie Prism_Dokie Sep 13
Hey hey anyone watch Teen Titans Go? Just imagine the song with the legs playing in the backround xD
                              LOOK AT DEM LEGS!
                              LOOK AT DEM LEGS THEY'RE AMAZING!
                              WALK HARD KICK STRONG LET ME SEE CHU LUNGEE!!
                              Yep im weird..
Cringe_Lord_Chloe Cringe_Lord_Chloe 6 days ago
*looks in mirror cries and takes everytjing off and gorges eith icecream*
Everyone in this comment Section is turned on about the legs 
                              While I'm turned on by the ball
Sounds like a horror story he gonna be the serial killer and im crying cause of my sweet happy child who was like hinata turned into a KILLER
*narrows eyes* is this... *sniffs air* is this foreshadowing  I swell?
IM A MODEL FOR HOT TOPIC?! FUQ YEAH BISH!! I bet I looks fuqing amazing modeling in those tøp beanies and those P!atd shirts and those 5sos hoodies!!! Do I get to model Melanie Martinez shiz too?! HONESTLY U DONT HAVE TO PAY ME CASH! JUST GIVE ME FREE ANIME AND BAND MERCH AND I'LL BE FINE!