haikyuu x reader {discontinued}

haikyuu x reader {discontinued}

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妄想 By miemuuu Completed

A fanfiction of you and your favorite Haikyuu character. 

I do not own Haikyuu

Hope you enjoy!!

update; HUGE thanks to anyone who has read any of the horribly written fanfic in this book, or even left a like or comment :,) 
it breaks my heart to discontinue this, but i hope you support my decision 
have a nice day!

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JoshDunsThirdNipple JoshDunsThirdNipple Apr 24, 2017
*becomes beast titan* *calls for my peasants*
                              TITANSSSS ATAAAAAAACKKKKKK
AyaMalfoy AyaMalfoy Feb 03
I’d honestly get bored way to easily and they probably don’t sell eucalyptus drops there (I’m addicted to them) because there an Australian thing, id rather go to Russia because it’s really awesome there
Hey hey anyone watch Teen Titans Go? Just imagine the song with the legs playing in the backround xD
                              LOOK AT DEM LEGS!
                              LOOK AT DEM LEGS THEY'RE AMAZING!
                              WALK HARD KICK STRONG LET ME SEE CHU LUNGEE!!
                              Yep im weird..
Boi_Kawa666 Boi_Kawa666 Dec 11, 2016
The only thing I would be modeling for is a sweatshirt and leggings company
samcakes123 samcakes123 Jan 15, 2017
Damn who is this teacher koro sensei he's giving such good advice