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~Kiss, Kiss! Fall In Love! OHSHC x Reader~ {REQUESTS OPENED}

~Kiss, Kiss! Fall In Love! OHSHC x Reader~ {REQUESTS OPENED}

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Beatrix G. By Sarcasm_Child Updated Feb 14

~Kiss, Kiss! Fall in Love!~

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Kidzukeba itsudemo 
Soba ni iru keredo 

Honto wa kirai? Suki? 
Mousou na no?

Jibun no kimochi ga 
Kuria ni mietara 

Redii demo hosuto demo 
Kamawanai yo

Suki ni natteku 
Riyuu wa minna 
Chigau yo ne kedo 


And I would like to find 
A hand like yours to take mine, 

And with one kiss 
We could stop time, and I'd 

~Fall in love with you~

Tomorrow's far away; 
Let's place our hopes in today. 

Just you and me 
In a beautiful spring...

And we'll always fall in love

Hey! Hey!

~Maybe you're my love!~

Sir_Cipher Sir_Cipher Feb 15
Me: *finger guns*
                              Teacher: that's not an answer
                              Me: * double finger guns*
                              Teacher: -_- you can't just use finger guns as an answer...
                              Me: *finger guns as I walk out of the class and to never be seen again*
- - Jul 10, 2016
Hehe ummm no *chuckles with slight blush*
                              Random fangirl: oooohhh someone's blushing
                              Me: shut up
                              Tamaki: MOMMY MY DAUGHTER IS SCARING ME
                              Kyoya: shut up
RoseLyrics RoseLyrics Jan 25
....Hoping is not the Same as Doing, if you want to Hope something you have to run it off As s O me thing you are able to do. And you sir, didn't do anything. 
                              These are my 5:00 am thoughts. Yaaaayy.
Heichous_Demon_Wife Heichous_Demon_Wife Oct 01, 2016
me in school
                              me:*spacing out*
                              teacher:*calls on me* 
                              me: uhhhhh
                              kid behind me: *wispers answer*
                              Teacher he just told you the awsner
RoseLyrics RoseLyrics Jan 25
N-no I haven't B-Baka! *blushes* I didn't fall, STUPID!! >\\\\<
DabOnIce DabOnIce Jul 20, 2016
pfft. *almost falls but does a cartwheel and doesn't fall* in your dreams bitch