TF2 x Reader

TF2 x Reader

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Alessia Marinella Borgia By Novelist4402 Updated Nov 24, 2017

TF2 x Reader. Just request something and I'll do it! :)
>> I forgot to mention that I can do more than one TF2 x Reader (e.g. Engineer x Reader II, III...)
All stories in this belong to me, or Novelist4402. Please ask via note before using anywhere else or creating something similar.
I don't do lemons.
Characters belong to Valve.


Okay, I might do FemSoldier.
And OCs at request.

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RavenMurphy0 RavenMurphy0 Dec 04, 2017
I made a squeak and scared my cat while i was reading this. Now he doesn't want to be near me.
WolfinaTheCanadianDJ WolfinaTheCanadianDJ May 09, 2017
Once I jumped off a swing from really left part of my body was hanging on and the right was on the ground and my middle finger was bleeding, I didn't cry or suck on it, I just trembled a little...and I walked home
- - May 03, 2016
Why not ask Heavy to move it? Ugh, baka! I mean you don't have to if you don't want to...
Anonymouse10 Anonymouse10 Aug 16, 2015
*Walks away with his muffins*
                              Why did I laugh at that??
                              Help!! The kawaiiness is strong! *Dies*
                              Medic is working vigorously as always. :/
Novelist4402 Novelist4402 May 12, 2015
Reading this again, I'm so sorry! I didn't keep this gender-neutral...
                              Gosh, you guys, I feel like a terrible person...
Novelist4402 Novelist4402 Jan 24, 2015
Hey guyzzz
                              Some of these are based on a story I read yesterday...
                              Here is the author of those!