Disenchanted (Frerard) Wattys2015

Disenchanted (Frerard) Wattys2015

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Emø Nemø By MrsAnnieBiersack Completed

Sequel, to My Illegal Romance. Frerard, smut and stuff, some chapters are/will be private so you will need to follow me to read some chapters, I'm really sorry about that, but yeah you'll need to follow me to read the really smutty stuff (like Frank strip teasing - you wouldn't wanna miss it now would you?)

My descriptions are always so bad, so I'm simply going to say this is sequel to My illegal romance, but it's very different and I'm not actually sure what's going to happen in it yet, it's just gonna happen when it happens so...yeah.

SEQUEL OUT NOW - My Way Home Is Through You

I hate you so much omg why do u do this I don't even want to read this anymore this isn't even a sequel this is an entirely new book like wtf why
Is anyone else just hissing at their screen?
                              No . . . . 
                              just me . . . .
                              Okay . . . .
Jacket-Slut Jacket-Slut Nov 22
I feel like hang em high is so underrated I never hear anyone talk about it, it's probably my fav mcr song
you can call me mary winchester because im frEAKING COMBUSTING OVER HERE
Gay bar
                              G A Y
                              I understand youre both drunk you fck no matter what sexuality you are but her knowing youre gay, G A Y B A R, and marrying you just because you knocked her up.
                              0 SENSE.
im still confused but more than anything I want to kidnap this child and care for it