Living with the Alexander Boys

Living with the Alexander Boys

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Brianna By -Brie- Updated Sep 26, 2015

"I can't do this Natalie sorry." He said and shoved his books to the floor and hovered over me. 

"Um Noah Jesse-" 

"Shh he left minutes ago Jacob is using your shower." He smirked, reading my mind. His lips crashed against mine sending fireworks threw my whole body. 

I noticed everything going on at this very moment. His mouth tasted of Juicy Fruit gum and his lips were softer then a husky dog. His right hand cupped my cheek and made the kiss more forceful. His let hand wonder around the bottom hem of my shirt. My one hand went straight to his hair the other one went around his neck. He tried to take off my shirt. Then it hit me. I'm cheating on Jesse with a kid I met last week. 

Immediately I pushed Noah off me and fixed my shirt and hair, sending Noah evil glances every now and then. 

"Um that was fun. But you need to leave." I pushed him out of my room

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craftygirl4 craftygirl4 Dec 30, 2016
You're right this is original, I have never seen someone use this circumstance in a book that like this before
That's a first, it's usually a car accident, or a murderer rampaging through town.