Lover's Reunion

Lover's Reunion

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Celeste Jules By SenFalconshire13 Completed

Nilda Pool, a young 20-year-old has just moved into her old neighborhood. When she moved in her best friend from high school greeted her by inviting her to a high school reunion. When she gets to the reunion she ends up seeing her crush Coy Baer. She ends up talking to Coy and realizes he is kind of, okay maybe, a jerk. Coy is confused of why he got rejected by Nilda. Only because he is a billionaire and he can pretty much get any girl he wishes. 

Okay you should get it now. Coy is gonna be that guy that tries to run off to Nilda and Nilda rejects him. You get it. Enjoy.

(Anyways you get it.)

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